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Block Palindromes: A New Generalization of Palindromes

by   Keisuke Goto, et al.
Kyushu Institute of Technology

We propose a new generalization of palindromes and gapped palindromes called block palindromes. A block palindrome is a string becomes a palindrome when identical substrings are replaced with a distinct character. We investigate several properties of block palindromes and in particular, study substrings of a string which are block palindromes. In so doing, we introduce the notion of a maximal block palindrome, which leads to a compact representation of all block palindromes that occur in a string. We also propose an algorithm which enumerates all maximal block palindromes that appear in a given string T in O(|T| + MBP(T)) time, where MBP(T) is the output size, which is optimal unless all the maximal block palindromes can be represented in a more compact way.


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