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Block Design-Based Local Differential Privacy Mechanisms

by   Hyun-Young Park, et al.
KAIST 수리과학과

In this paper, we propose a new class of local differential privacy (LDP) schemes based on combinatorial block designs for a discrete distribution estimation. This class not only recovers many known LDP schemes in a unified framework of combinatorial block design, but also suggests a novel way of finding new schemes achieving the optimal (or near-optimal) privacy-utility trade-off with lower communication costs. Indeed, we find many new LDP schemes that achieve both the optimal privacy-utility trade-off and the minimum communication cost among all the unbiased schemes for a certain set of input data size and LDP constraint. Furthermore, to partially solve the sparse existence issue of block design schemes, we consider a broader class of LDP schemes based on regular and pairwise-balanced designs, called RPBD schemes, which relax one of the symmetry requirements on block designs. By considering this broader class of RPBD schemes, we can find LDP schemes achieving near-optimal privacy-utility trade-off with reasonably low communication costs for a much larger set of input data size and LDP constraint.


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