Block Chain based Intelligent Industrial Network (DSDIN)

by   Barco You, et al.

The manufacturing industry featured centralization in the past due to technical limitations, and factories (especially large manufacturers) gathered almost all of the resources for manufacturing, including: technologies, raw materials, equipment, workers, market information, etc. However, such centralized production is costly, inefficient and inflexible, and difficult to respond to rapidly changing, diverse and personalized user needs. This paper introduces an Intelligent Industrial Network (DSDIN), which provides a fully distributed manufacturing network where everyone can participate in manufacturing due to decentralization and no intermediate links, allowing them to quickly get the products or services they want and also to be authorized, recognized and get returns in a low-cost way due to their efforts (such as providing creative ideas, designs or equipment, raw materials or physical strength). DSDIN is a blockchain based IoT and AI technology platform, and also an IoT based intelligent service standard. Due to the intelligent network formed by DSDIN, the manufacturing center is no longer a factory, and actually there are no manufacturing centers. DSDIN provides a multi-participation peer-to-peer network for people and things (including raw materials, equipment, finished / semi-finished products, etc.). The information transmitted through the network is called Intelligent Service Algorithm (ISA). The user can send a process model, formula or control parameter to a device via an ISA, and every transaction in DSDIN is an intelligent service defined by ISA.



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