BLCS: Brain-Like based Distributed Control Security in Cyber Physical Systems

by   Hui Yang, et al.

Cyber-physical system (CPS) has operated, controlled and coordinated the physical systems integrated by a computing and communication core applied in industry 4.0. To accommodate CPS services, fog radio and optical networks (F-RON) has become an important supporting physical cyber infrastructure taking advantage of both the inherent ubiquity of wireless technology and the large capacity of optical networks. However, cyber security is the biggest issue in CPS scenario as there is a tradeoff between security control and privacy exposure in F-RON. To deal with this issue, we propose a brain-like based distributed control security (BLCS) architecture for F-RON in CPS, by introducing a brain-like security (BLS) scheme. BLCS can accomplish the secure cross-domain control among tripartite controllers verification in the scenario of decentralized F-RON for distributed computing and communications, which has no need to disclose the private information of each domain against cyber-attacks. BLS utilizes parts of information to perform control identification through relation network and deep learning of behavior library. The functional modules of BLCS architecture are illustrated including various controllers and brain-like knowledge base. The interworking procedures in distributed control security modes based on BLS are described. The overall feasibility and efficiency of architecture are experimentally verified on the software defined network testbed in terms of average mistrust rate, path provisioning latency, packet loss probability and blocking probability. The emulation results are obtained and dissected based on the testbed.



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