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BlazeNeo: Blazing fast polyp segmentation and neoplasm detection

by   Nguyen Sy An, et al.
Trường Đại học Bách Khoa Hà Nội

In recent years, computer-aided automatic polyp segmentation and neoplasm detection have been an emerging topic in medical image analysis, providing valuable support to colonoscopy procedures. Attentions have been paid to improving the accuracy of polyp detection and segmentation. However, not much focus has been given to latency and throughput for performing these tasks on dedicated devices, which can be crucial for practical applications. This paper introduces a novel deep neural network architecture called BlazeNeo, for the task of polyp segmentation and neoplasm detection with an emphasis on compactness and speed while maintaining high accuracy. The model leverages the highly efficient HarDNet backbone alongside lightweight Receptive Field Blocks for computational efficiency, and an auxiliary training mechanism to take full advantage of the training data for the segmentation quality. Our experiments on a challenging dataset show that BlazeNeo achieves improvements in latency and model size while maintaining comparable accuracy against state-of-the-art methods. When deploying on the Jetson AGX Xavier edge device in INT8 precision, our BlazeNeo achieves over 155 fps while yielding the best accuracy among all compared methods.


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