Black Box Few-Shot Adaptation for Vision-Language models

by   Yassine Ouali, et al.

Vision-Language (V-L) models trained with contrastive learning to align the visual and language modalities have been shown to be strong few-shot learners. Soft prompt learning is the method of choice for few-shot downstream adaption aiming to bridge the modality gap caused by the distribution shift induced by the new domain. While parameter-efficient, prompt learning still requires access to the model weights and can be computationally infeasible for large models with billions of parameters. To address these shortcomings, in this work, we describe a black-box method for V-L few-shot adaptation that (a) operates on pre-computed image and text features and hence works without access to the model's weights, (b) it is orders of magnitude faster at training time, (c) it is amenable to both supervised and unsupervised training, and (d) it can be even used to align image and text features computed from uni-modal models. To achieve this, we propose Linear Feature Alignment (LFA), a simple linear approach for V-L re-alignment in the target domain. LFA is initialized from a closed-form solution to a least-squares problem and then it is iteratively updated by minimizing a re-ranking loss. Despite its simplicity, our approach can even surpass soft-prompt learning methods as shown by extensive experiments on 11 image and 2 video datasets.


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