Bit Error Rate Analysis of M-ARY PSK and M-ARY QAM Over Rician Fading Channel

by   Subrato Bharati, et al.

This paper mainly illustrates the Bit error rate performance of M-ary QAM and M-ary PSK for different values of SNR over Rician Fading channel. A signal experiences multipath propagation in the wireless communication system which causes expeditious signal amplitude fluctuations in time, is defined as fading. Rician Fading is a small signal fading. Rician fading is a hypothetical model for radio propagation inconsistency produced by fractional cancellation of a radio signal by itself and as a result the signal reaches in the receiver by several different paths. In this case, at least one of the destination paths is being lengthened or shortened. From this paper , it can be observed that the value of Bit error rate decreases when signal to noise ratio increases in decibel for Mary QAM and M-ary PSK such as 256 QAM, 64 PSK etc. Constellation diagrams of M-QAM and M-PSK have also been showed in this paper using MATLAB Simulation. The falling of Bit error rate with the increase of diversity order for a fixed value of SNR has also been included in this paper. Diversity is a influential receiver system which offers improvement over received signal strength.


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