Bird Species Classification And Acoustic Features Selection Based on Distributed Neural Network with Two Stage Windowing of Short-Term Features

by   Nahian Ibn Hasan, et al.

Identification of bird species from audio records is one of the challenging tasks due to the existence of multiple species in the same recording, noise in the background, and long-term recording. Besides, choosing a proper acoustic feature from audio recording for bird species classification is another problem. In this paper, a hybrid method is represented comprising both traditional signal processing and a deep learning-based approach to classify bird species from audio recordings of diverse sources and types. Besides, a detailed study with 34 different features helps to select the proper feature set for classification and analysis in real-time applications. Moreover, the proposed deep neural network uses both acoustic and temporal feature learning. The proposed method starts with detecting voice activity from the raw signal, followed by extracting short-term features from the processed recording using 50 ms (with 25ms overlapping) time windows. Later, the short-term features are reshaped using second stage (non-overlapping) windowing to be trained through a distributed 2D Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) that forwards the output features to a Long and Short Term Memory (LSTM) Network. Then a final dense layer classifies the bird species. For the 10 class classifier, the highest accuracy achieved was 90.45% for a feature set consisting of 13 Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCCs) and 12 Chroma Vectors. The corresponding specificity and AUC scores are 98.94% and 94.09%, respectively.



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