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Bipolar in Temporal Argumentation Framework

by   Maximiliano C. D. Budán, et al.

A Timed Argumentation Framework (TAF) is a formalism where arguments are only valid for consideration in a given period of time, called availability intervals, which are defined for every individual argument. The original proposal is based on a single, abstract notion of attack between arguments that remains static and permanent in time. Thus, in general, when identifying the set of acceptable arguments, the outcome associated with a TAF will vary over time. In this work we introduce an extension of TAF adding the capability of modeling a support relation between arguments. In this sense, the resulting framework provides a suitable model for different time-dependent issues. Thus, the main contribution here is to provide an enhanced framework for modeling a positive (support) and negative (attack) interaction varying over time, which are relevant in many real-world situations. This leads to a Timed Bipolar Argumentation Framework (T-BAF), where classical argument extensions can be defined. The proposal aims at advancing in the integration of temporal argumentation in different application domain.


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