BioSEAL: In-Memory Biological Sequence Alignment Accelerator for Large-Scale Genomic Data

by   Roman Kaplan, et al.

Genome sequences contain hundreds of millions of DNA base pairs. Finding the degree of similarity between two genomes requires executing a compute-intensive dynamic programming algorithm, such as Smith-Waterman. Traditional von Neumann architectures have limited parallelism and cannot provide an efficient solution for large-scale genomic data. Approximate heuristic methods (e.g. BLAST) are commonly used. However, they are suboptimal and still compute-intensive. In this work, we present BioSEAL, a Biological SEquence ALignment accelerator. BioSEAL is a massively parallel non-von Neumann processing-in-memory architecture for large-scale DNA and protein sequence alignment. BioSEAL is based on resistive content addressable memory, capable of energy-efficient and high-performance associative processing. We present an associative processing algorithm for entire database sequence alignment on BioSEAL and compare its performance and power consumption with state-of-art solutions. We show that BioSEAL can achieve up to 57x speedup and 156x better energy efficiency, compared with existing solutions for genome sequence alignment and protein sequence database search.



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