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Biometric Blockchain: A Secure Solution for Intelligent Vehicle Data Sharing

by   Bing Xu, et al.

The intelligent vehicle (IV) has become a promising technology that could revolutionize our life in smart cities sooner or later. However, it yet suffers from many security vulnerabilities. Traditional security methods are incapable to secure the IV data sharing against malicious attacks. Blockchain, as expected by both research and industry communities, has emerged as a good solution to address these issues. The major issues in IV data sharing are trust, data accuracy and reliability of data sharing in the communication channel. Blockchain technology, previously working for the cryptocurrency, has recently applied to build trust and reliability in peer-to-peer networks with similar topologies of IV data sharing. In this chapter, we present a new framework, namely biometric blockchain (BBC), for secure IV data sharing. In our new scheme, biometric information is exploited as a cue to record who is responsible in the data sharing activities, while the proposed BBC technology serves as the backbone of the IV data-sharing architecture. Hence, the proposed BBC technology provides a more reliable trust environment between the vehicles while personal identities are traceable in the proposed new scheme.


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