Bio-inspired Requirements Variability Modeling with Use Case

by   Esraa Abdel-Ghani, et al.

Background. Feature Model (FM) is the most important technique used to manage the variability through products in Software Product Lines (SPLs). Often, the SPLs requirements variability is by using variable use case model which is a real challenge in actual approaches: large gap between their concepts and those of real world leading to bad quality, poor supporting FM, and the variability does not cover all requirements modeling levels. Aims. This paper proposes a bio-inspired use case variability modeling methodology dealing with the above shortages. Method. The methodology is carried out through variable business domain use case meta modeling, variable applications family use case meta modeling, and variable specific application use case generating. Results. This methodology has leaded to integrated solutions to the above challenges: it decreases the gap between computing concepts and real world ones. It supports use case variability modeling by introducing versions and revisions features and related relations. The variability is supported at three meta levels covering business domain, applications family, and specific application requirements. Conclusion. A comparative evaluation with the closest recent works, upon some meaningful criteria in the domain, shows the conceptual and practical great value of the proposed methodology and leads to promising research perspectives



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