Binary PSOGSA for Load Balancing Task Scheduling in Cloud Environment

06/01/2018 ∙ by Thanaa S. Alnusairi, et al. ∙ 0

In cloud environments, load balancing task scheduling is an important issue that directly affects resource utilization. Unquestionably, load balancing scheduling is a serious aspect that must be considered in the cloud research field due to the significant impact on both the back end and front end. Whenever an effective load balance has been achieved in the cloud, then good resource utilization will also be achieved. An effective load balance means distributing the submitted workload over cloud VMs in a balanced way, leading to high resource utilization and high user satisfaction. In this paper, we propose a load balancing algorithm, Binary Load Balancing-Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization and Gravitational Search Algorithm (Bin-LB-PSOGSA), which is a bio-inspired load balancing scheduling algorithm that efficiently enables the scheduling process to improve load balance level on VMs. The proposed algorithm finds the best Task-to-Virtual machine mapping that is influenced by the length of submitted workload and VM processing speed. Results show that the proposed Bin-LB-PSOGSA achieves better VM load average than the pure Bin-LB-PSO and other benchmark algorithms in terms of load balance level.



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