Big data from social media and scientific literature databases reveals relationships among risk management, project management and project success

07/14/2020 ∙ by Dr Ioannis Karamitsos, et al. ∙ 0

The literature review highlights that previous studies have been identifying risk management as an essential tool for project management and could increase the chance of successfully meeting project objectives. In addition, as found from the reviewed literature, risk management has been seen as a tool of allowing the project team to communicate risk information, so as to enhance the decision-making process towards balancing threats and opportunities. Thus, this research aims to examine participants’ views on the alignment of risk management, project management and organizational project success. Machine learning algorithms are employed to explore collective data from posts on twitter in order to obtain valuable knowledge about discussions regarding risk management, and project management. Additionally, the corresponding scientific literature obtained from Scopus database was analyzed utilizing bibliometric tools, in order to investigate diverse perceptions in academia and industry. Findings of this study will have implications for practitioners’ perception of project risk management.



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