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Big Data Analytics in Humanitarian and Disaster Operations: A Systematic Review

by   Abhilash Kondraganti, et al.

By the outset of this review, 168 million people needed humanitarian aid, and the number grew to 235 million by the end of the completion of this review. There is no time to lose, definitely no data to lose. Humanitarian relief is crucial not just to contend with a pandemic once a century but also to provide help during civil conflicts, ever-increasing natural disasters, and other forms of crisis. Reliance on technology has never been so relevant and critical than now. The creation of more data and advancements in data analytics provides an opportunity to the humanitarian field. This review aimed at providing a holistic understanding of big data analytics in a humanitarian and disaster setting. A systematic literature review method is used to examine the field and the results of this review explain research gaps, and opportunities available for future research. This study has shown a significant research imbalance in the disaster phase, highlighting how the emphasis is on responsive measures than preventive measures. Such reactionary measures would only exacerbate the disaster, as is the case in many nations with COVID-19. Overall this research details the current state of big data analytics in a humanitarian and disaster setting.


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