Bibliometric analysis of the scientific production found in Scopus and Web of Science about business administration

by   Félix Lirio-Loli, et al.

Introduction: This study analyzes the scientific production in business administration in scientific articles based on modeling partial least squares structural equations (Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling PLS-SEM) in the 2011-2020 period. Methodology: The study is exploratory - descriptive and has three phases: a) Selection of keywords and search criteria; (b) Search and refinement of information; c) information analysis. A method of bibliometric review of the specific literature has been used based on the analysis of predefined indicators and completed with a qualitative content synthesis. Results: A total of 167 publications were analyzed, making correlations from the year, search criteria, authors, impact factor by quartile, and by citation variables. More outstanding scientific production comes from Scopus under the search criteria ((pls AND sem) OR "partial least squares") AND (business OR management), being the figure of 4,870 scientific articles, while Web of Science accumulates 3,946 articles Conclusion: There has been a progressive growth in scientific articles with the PLS-SEM technique from 2011 to 2020. Scopus, compared to WoS, presents a more significant number of scientific productions with this statistical approach. The authors who register scientific articles demonstrate a high H index; in addition, there is an important number of scientific articles with a PLS-SEM approach in universities in Malaysia that could be related to the expansion of higher education in that country, as well as in Singapore, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Finally, business administration, accounting, and economics are outstanding scientific production.


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