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Beyond STEM, How Can Women Engage Big Data, Analytics, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence? An Exploratory Analysis of Confidence and Educational Factors in the Emerging Techn

by   Yana Samuel, et al.

In spite of the rapidly advancing global technological environment, the professional participation of women in technology, big data, analytics, artificial intelligence and information systems related domains remains proportionately low. Furthermore, it is of no less concern that the number of women in leadership in these domains are in even lower proportions. In spite of numerous initiatives to improve the participation of women in technological domains, there is an increasing need to gain additional insights into this phenomenon especially since it occurs in nations and geographies which have seen a sharp rise in overall female education, without such increase translating into a corresponding spurt in information systems and technological roles for women. The present paper presents findings from an exploratory analysis and outlines a framework to gain insights into educational factors in the emerging technology waves influencing the role of, and impact upon, women. We specifically identify ways for learning and self-efficacy as key factors, which together lead us to the Advancement of Women in Technology (AWT) insights framework. Based on the AWT framework, we also proposition principles that can be used to encourage higher professional engagement of women in emerging and advanced technologies. Key Words- Women's Education, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Knowing, Confidence, Self-Efficacy, Learning.


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