Beyond Smoothness: Incorporating Low-Rank Analysis into Nonparametric Density Estimation

by   Robert A. Vandermeulen, et al.

The construction and theoretical analysis of the most popular universally consistent nonparametric density estimators hinge on one functional property: smoothness. In this paper we investigate the theoretical implications of incorporating a multi-view latent variable model, a type of low-rank model, into nonparametric density estimation. To do this we perform extensive analysis on histogram-style estimators that integrate a multi-view model. Our analysis culminates in showing that there exists a universally consistent histogram-style estimator that converges to any multi-view model with a finite number of Lipschitz continuous components at a rate of O(1/√(n)) in L^1 error. In contrast, the standard histogram estimator can converge at a rate slower than 1/√(n) on the same class of densities. We also introduce a new nonparametric latent variable model based on the Tucker decomposition. A rudimentary implementation of our estimators experimentally demonstrates a considerable performance improvement over the standard histogram estimator. We also provide a thorough analysis of the sample complexity of our Tucker decomposition-based model and a variety of other results. Thus, our paper provides solid theoretical foundations for extending low-rank techniques to the nonparametric setting



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