Better Together: Resnet-50 accuracy with 13x fewer parameters and at 3x speed

06/10/2020 ∙ by Utkarsh Nath, et al. ∙ 0

Recent research on compressing deep neural networks has focused on reducing the number of parameters. Smaller networks are easier to export and deploy on edge-devices. We introduce Adjoined networks as a training approach that can compress and regularize any CNN-based neural architecture. Our one-shot learning paradigm trains both the original and the smaller networks together. The parameters of the smaller network are shared across both the architectures. For resnet-50 trained on Imagenet, we are able to achieve a 13.7x reduction in the number of parameters and a 3x improvement in inference time without any significant drop in accuracy. For the same architecture on CIFAR-100, we are able to achieve a 99.7x reduction in the number of parameters and a 5x improvement in inference time. On both these datasets, the original network trained in the adjoint fashion gains about 3% in top-1 accuracy as compared to the same network trained in the standard fashion.



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