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Best-first Search Algorithm for Non-convex Sparse Minimization

by   Shinsaku Sakaue, et al.

Non-convex sparse minimization (NSM), or ℓ_0-constrained minimization of convex loss functions, is an important optimization problem that has many machine learning applications. NSM is generally NP-hard, and so to exactly solve NSM is almost impossible in polynomial time. As regards the case of quadratic objective functions, exact algorithms based on quadratic mixed-integer programming (MIP) have been studied, but no existing exact methods can handle more general objective functions including Huber and logistic losses; this is unfortunate since those functions are prevalent in practice. In this paper, we consider NSM with ℓ_2-regularized convex objective functions and develop an algorithm by leveraging the efficiency of best-first search (BFS). Our BFS can compute solutions with objective errors at most Δ>0, where Δ is a controllable hyper-parameter that balances the trade-off between the guarantee of objective errors and computation cost. Experiments demonstrate that our BFS is useful for solving moderate-size NSM instances with non-quadratic objectives and that BFS is also faster than the MIP-based method when applied to quadratic objectives.


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