Behavior of solutions to the 1D focusing stochastic nonlinear Schrödinger equation with spatially correlated noise

by   Annie Millet, et al.

We study the focusing stochastic nonlinear Schrödinger equation in one spatial dimension with multiplicative noise, driven by a Wiener process white in time and colored in space, in the L^2-critical and supercritical cases. The mass (L^2-norm) is conserved due to the multiplicative noise defined via the Stratonovich integral, the energy (Hamiltonian) is not preserved. We first investigate how the energy is affected by various spatially correlated random perturbations. We then study the influence of the noise on the global dynamics measuring the probability of blow-up versus scattering behavior depending on various parameters of correlation kernels. Finally, we study the effect of the spatially correlated noise on the blow-up behavior, and conclude that such random perturbations do not influence the blow-up dynamics, except for shifting of the blow-up center location. This is similar to what we observed in [32] for a space-time white driving noise.



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