Behavior of solutions to the 1D focusing stochastic L^2-critical and supercritical nonlinear Schrödinger equation with space-time white noise

by   Annie Millet, et al.

We study the focusing stochastic nonlinear Schrödinger equation in 1D in the L^2-critical and supercritical cases with an additive or multiplicative perturbation driven by space-time white noise. Unlike the deterministic case, the Hamiltonian (or energy) is not conserved in the stochastic setting, nor is the mass (or the L^2-norm) conserved in the additive case. Therefore, we investigate the time evolution of these quantities. After that we study the influence of noise on the global behavior of solutions. In particular, we show that the noise may induce blow-up, thus, ceasing the global existence of the solution, which otherwise would be global in the deterministic setting. Furthermore, we study the effect of the noise on the blow-up dynamics in both multiplicative and additive noise settings and obtain profiles and rates of the blow-up solutions. Our findings conclude that the blow-up parameters (rate and profile) are insensitive to the type or strength of the noise: if blow-up happens, it has the same dynamics as in the deterministic setting, however, there is a (random) shift of the blow-up center, which can be described as a random variable normally distributed.



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