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Behavior Analysis and Design of Concrete-Filled Steel Circular-Tube Short Columns Subjected to Axial Compression

by   Duc Duy Pham, et al.

In this paper, a new finite element (FE) model using ABAQUS software was developed to investigate the compressive behavior of Concrete-Filled Steel Circular-Tube (CFSCT) columns. Experimental studies indicated that the confinement offered by the circular steel tube in a CFSCT column increased both the strength and ductility of the filled concrete. Base on the database of 663 test results CFSCT columns under axial compression are collected from the available literature, a formula to determine the lateral confining pressures on concrete. Concrete-Damaged Plasticity Model (CDPM) and parameters are available in ABAQUS are used in the analysis. From results analysis, a proposed formula for predicting ultimate load by determining intensification and diminution for concrete and steel. The proposed formula is then compared with the FE model, the previous study, and the design code current in strength prediction of CFSCT columns under compression. The comparative result shows that the FE model, the proposed formula is more stable and accurate than the previous study and current standards when using material normal or high strength.


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