Bayesian Optimization With Censored Response Data

10/07/2013 ∙ by Frank Hutter, et al. ∙ 0

Bayesian optimization (BO) aims to minimize a given blackbox function using a model that is updated whenever new evidence about the function becomes available. Here, we address the problem of BO under partially right-censored response data, where in some evaluations we only obtain a lower bound on the function value. The ability to handle such response data allows us to adaptively censor costly function evaluations in minimization problems where the cost of a function evaluation corresponds to the function value. One important application giving rise to such censored data is the runtime-minimizing variant of the algorithm configuration problem: finding settings of a given parametric algorithm that minimize the runtime required for solving problem instances from a given distribution. We demonstrate that terminating slow algorithm runs prematurely and handling the resulting right-censored observations can substantially improve the state of the art in model-based algorithm configuration.



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