Bayesian Optimistic Optimisation with Exponentially Decaying Regret

by   Hung Tran-The, et al.

Bayesian optimisation (BO) is a well-known efficient algorithm for finding the global optimum of expensive, black-box functions. The current practical BO algorithms have regret bounds ranging from π’ͺ(logN/√(N)) to π’ͺ(e^-√(N)), where N is the number of evaluations. This paper explores the possibility of improving the regret bound in the noiseless setting by intertwining concepts from BO and tree-based optimistic optimisation which are based on partitioning the search space. We propose the BOO algorithm, a first practical approach which can achieve an exponential regret bound with order π’ͺ(N^-√(N)) under the assumption that the objective function is sampled from a Gaussian process with a MatΓ©rn kernel with smoothness parameter Ξ½ > 4 +D/2, where D is the number of dimensions. We perform experiments on optimisation of various synthetic functions and machine learning hyperparameter tuning tasks and show that our algorithm outperforms baselines.


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