Bayesian bandwidth estimation for local linear fitting in nonparametric regression models

by   Han Lin Shang, et al.

This paper presents a Bayesian sampling approach to bandwidth estimation for the local linear estimator of the regression function in a nonparametric regression model. In the Bayesian sampling approach, the error density is approximated by a location-mixture density of Gaussian densities with means the individual errors and variance a constant parameter. This mixture density has the form of a kernel density estimator of errors and is referred to as the kernel-form error density (c.f., Zhang et al., 2014). While Zhang et al. (2014) use the local constant (also known as the Nadaraya- Watson) estimator to estimate the regression function, we extend this to the local linear estimator, which produces more accurate estimation. The proposed investigation is motivated by the lack of data-driven methods for simultaneously choosing bandwidths in the local linear estimator of the regression function and kernel-form error density. Treating bandwidths as parameters, we derive an approximate (pseudo) likelihood and a posterior. A simulation study shows that the proposed bandwidth estimation outperforms the rule-of-thumb and cross-validation methods under the criterion of integrated squared errors. The proposed bandwidth estimation method is validated through a nonparametric regression model involving firm ownership concentration, and a model involving state-price density estimation.


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