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BATMAN : plate-forme blockchain pour l'authentification et la confiance dans les WSNs

by   Axel Moinet, et al.

Wireless Sensor networks (WSN) today suffer from a lack of security adapted to their multiple constraints, to which authentication and trust management solutions such as PGP only partially responds. On the one hand, the constraints of autonomy and co-operation of the nodes necessary to guarantee the coherence of the network do not require a distributed solution. On the other hand, the constraints of energy consumption and the low computing power of the nodes require the use of algorithms of low complexity (Zhang2014) . To our knowledge, no solution can answer both these problems at the same time. We are proposing a new solution for securing WSNs named BATMAN (Blockchain Authentication and Trust Module in Ad-hoc Networks) to reply to these challenges. We present a model of centralized management for authentication and trust, implementable on the Tezos blockchain, and evaluate through simulation the confidence estimators proposed here.


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