Bandit Algorithms for Tree Search

by   Pierre-Arnuad Coquelin, et al.

Bandit based methods for tree search have recently gained popularity when applied to huge trees, e.g. in the game of go [6]. Their efficient exploration of the tree enables to re- turn rapidly a good value, and improve preci- sion if more time is provided. The UCT algo- rithm [8], a tree search method based on Up- per Confidence Bounds (UCB) [2], is believed to adapt locally to the effective smoothness of the tree. However, we show that UCT is "over-optimistic" in some sense, leading to a worst-case regret that may be very poor. We propose alternative bandit algorithms for tree search. First, a modification of UCT us- ing a confidence sequence that scales expo- nentially in the horizon depth is analyzed. We then consider Flat-UCB performed on the leaves and provide a finite regret bound with high probability. Then, we introduce and analyze a Bandit Algorithm for Smooth Trees (BAST) which takes into account ac- tual smoothness of the rewards for perform- ing efficient "cuts" of sub-optimal branches with high confidence. Finally, we present an incremental tree expansion which applies when the full tree is too big (possibly in- finite) to be entirely represented and show that with high probability, only the optimal branches are indefinitely developed. We illus- trate these methods on a global optimization problem of a continuous function, given noisy values.



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