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baller2vec++: A Look-Ahead Multi-Entity Transformer For Modeling Coordinated Agents

by   Michael A. Alcorn, et al.

In many multi-agent spatiotemporal systems, the agents are under the influence of shared, unobserved variables (e.g., the play a team is executing in a game of basketball). As a result, the trajectories of the agents are often statistically dependent at any given time step; however, almost universally, multi-agent models implicitly assume the agents' trajectories are statistically independent at each time step. In this paper, we introduce baller2vec++, a multi-entity Transformer that can effectively model coordinated agents. Specifically, baller2vec++ applies a specially designed self-attention mask to a mixture of location and "look-ahead" trajectory sequences to learn the distributions of statistically dependent agent trajectories. We show that, unlike baller2vec (baller2vec++'s predecessor), baller2vec++ can learn to emulate the behavior of perfectly coordinated agents in a simulated toy dataset. Additionally, when modeling the trajectories of professional basketball players, baller2vec++ outperforms baller2vec by a wide margin.


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A look-ahead multi-entity Transformer for modeling coordinated agents.

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