Avoiding Kernel Fixed Points: Computing with ELU and GELU Infinite Networks

02/20/2020 ∙ by Russell Tsuchida, et al. ∙ 47

Analysing and computing with Gaussian processes arising from infinitely wide neural networks has recently seen a resurgence in popularity. Despite this, many explicit covariance functions of networks with activation functions used in modern networks remain unknown. Furthermore, while the kernels of deep networks can be computed iteratively, theoretical understanding of deep kernels is lacking, particularly with respect to fixed-point dynamics. Firstly, we derive the covariance functions of MLPs with exponential linear units and Gaussian error linear units and evaluate the performance of the limiting Gaussian processes on some benchmarks. Secondly, and more generally, we introduce a framework for analysing the fixed-point dynamics of iterated kernels corresponding to a broad range of activation functions. We find that unlike some previously studied neural network kernels, these new kernels exhibit non-trivial fixed-point dynamics which are mirrored in finite-width neural networks.



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