Average Age of Changed Information in the Internet of Things

by   Wenrui Lin, et al.

The freshness of status updates is imperative in mission-critical Internet of things (IoT) applications. Recently, Age of Information (AoI) has been proposed to measure the freshness of updates at the receiver. However, AoI only characterizes the freshness over time, but ignores the freshness in the content. In this paper, we introduce a new performance metric, Age of Changed Information (AoCI), which captures both the passage of time and the change of information content. Also, we examine the AoCI in a time-slotted status update system, where a sensor samples the physical process and transmits the update packets with a cost. We formulate a Markov Decision Process (MDP) to find the optimal updating policy that minimizes the weighted sum of the AoCI and the update cost. Particularly, in a special case that the physical process is modeled by a two-state discrete time Markov chain with equal transition probability, we show that the optimal policy is of threshold type with respect to the AoCI and derive the closed-form of the threshold. Finally, simulations are conducted to exhibit the performance of the threshold policy and its superiority over the zero-wait baseline policy.


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