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AV Speech Enhancement Challenge using a Real Noisy Corpus

by   Mandar Gogate, et al.
Edinburgh Napier University

This paper presents, a first of its kind, audio-visual (AV) speech enhacement challenge in real-noisy settings. A detailed description of the AV challenge, a novel real noisy AV corpus (ASPIRE), benchmark speech enhancement task, and baseline performance results are outlined. The latter are based on training a deep neural architecture on a synthetic mixture of Grid corpus and ChiME3 noises (consisting of bus, pedestrian, cafe, and street noises) and testing on the ASPIRE corpus. Subjective evaluations of five different speech enhancement algorithms (including SEAGN, spectrum subtraction (SS) , log-minimum mean-square error (LMMSE), audio-only CochleaNet, and AV CochleaNet) are presented as baseline results. The aim of the multi-modal challenge is to provide a timely opportunity for comprehensive evaluation of novel AV speech enhancement algorithms, using our new benchmark, real-noisy AV corpus and specified performance metrics. This will promote AV speech processing research globally, stimulate new ground-breaking multi-modal approaches, and attract interest from companies, academics and researchers working in AV speech technologies and applications. We encourage participants (through a challenge website sign-up) from both the speech and hearing research communities, to benefit from their complementary approaches to AV speech in noise processing.


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