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Autonomous Resource Management in Construction Companies Using Deep Reinforcement Learning Based on IoT

by   Maryam Soleymani, et al.

Resource allocation is one of the most critical issues in planning construction projects, due to its direct impact on cost, time, and quality. There are usually specific allocation methods for autonomous resource management according to the projects objectives. However, integrated planning and optimization of utilizing resources in an entire construction organization are scarce. The purpose of this study is to present an automatic resource allocation structure for construction companies based on Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL), which can be used in various situations. In this structure, Data Harvesting (DH) gathers resource information from the distributed Internet of Things (IoT) sensor devices all over the companys projects to be employed in the autonomous resource management approach. Then, Coverage Resources Allocation (CRA) is compared to the information obtained from DH in which the Autonomous Resource Management (ARM) determines the project of interest. Likewise, Double Deep Q-Networks (DDQNs) with similar models are trained on two distinct assignment situations based on structured resource information of the company to balance objectives with resource constraints. The suggested technique in this paper can efficiently adjust to large resource management systems by combining portfolio information with adopted individual project information. Also, the effects of important information processing parameters on resource allocation performance are analyzed in detail. Moreover, the results of the generalizability of management approaches are presented, indicating no need for additional training when the variables of situations change.


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