Autonomous Last-mile Delivery Vehicles in Complex Traffic Environments

01/22/2020 ∙ by Bai Li, et al. ∙ 0

E-commerce has evolved with the digital technology revolution over the years. Last-mile logistics service contributes a significant part of the e-commerce experience. In contrast to the traditional last-mile logistics services, smart logistics service with autonomous driving technologies provides a promising solution to reduce the delivery cost and to improve efficiency. However, the traffic conditions in complex traffic environments, such as those in China, are more challenging compared to those in well-developed countries. Many types of moving objects (such as pedestrians, bicycles, electric bicycles, and motorcycles, etc.) share the road with autonomous vehicles, and their behaviors are not easy to track and predict. This paper introduces a technical solution from, a leading E-commerce company in China, to the autonomous last-mile delivery in complex traffic environments. Concretely, the methodologies in each module of our autonomous vehicles are presented, together with safety guarantee strategies. Up to this point, has deployed more than 300 self-driving vehicles for trial operations in tens of provinces of China, with an accumulated 715,819 miles and up to millions of on-road testing hours.



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