Autonomous Discovery of Unknown Reaction Pathways from Data by Chemical Reaction Neural Network

by   Weiqi Ji, et al.

The inference of chemical reaction networks is an important task in understanding the chemical processes in life sciences and environment. Yet, only a few reaction systems are well-understood due to a large number of important reaction pathways involved but still unknown. Revealing unknown reaction pathways is an important task for scientific discovery that takes decades and requires lots of expert knowledge. This work presents a neural network approach for discovering unknown reaction pathways from concentration time series data. The neural network denoted as Chemical Reaction Neural Network (CRNN), is designed to be equivalent to chemical reaction networks by following the fundamental physics laws of the Law of Mass Action and Arrhenius Law. The CRNN is physically interpretable, and its weights correspond to the reaction pathways and rate constants of the chemical reaction network. Then, inferencing the reaction pathways and the rate constants are accomplished by training the equivalent CRNN via stochastic gradient descent. The approach precludes the need for expert knowledge in proposing candidate reactions, such that the inference is autonomous and applicable to new systems for which there is no existing empirical knowledge to propose reaction pathways. The physical interpretability also makes the CRNN not only capable of fitting the data for a given system but also developing knowledge of unknown pathways that could be generalized to similar chemical systems. Finally, the approach is applied to several chemical systems in chemical engineering and biochemistry to demonstrate its robustness and generality.



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