Autonomous Aerial Robotic Surveying and Mapping with Application to Construction Operations

by   Huan Nguyen, et al.
University of Nevada, Reno

In this paper we present an overview of the methods and systems that give rise to a flying robotic system capable of autonomous inspection, surveying, comprehensive multi-modal mapping and inventory tracking of construction sites with high degree of systematicity. The robotic system can operate assuming either no prior knowledge of the environment or by integrating a prior model of it. In the first case, autonomous exploration is provided which returns a high fidelity 3D map associated with color and thermal vision information. In the second case, the prior model of the structure can be used to provide optimized and repetitive coverage paths. The robot delivers its mapping result autonomously, while simultaneously being able to detect and localize objects of interest thus supporting inventory tracking tasks. The system has been field verified in a collection of environments and has been tested inside a construction project related to public housing.


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