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Autonomic Intrusion Response in Distributed Computing using Big Data

by   Kleber Vieira, et al.

We introduce a method for Intrusion Detection based on the classification, understanding and prediction of behavioural deviance and potential threats, issuing recommendations, and acting to address eminent issues. Our work seeks a practical solutions to automate the process of identification and response to Cybersecurity threats in hybrid Distributed Computing environments through the analysis of large datasets generated during operations. We are motivated by the growth in utilisation of Cloud Computing and Edge Computing as the technology for business and social solutions. The technology mix and complex operation render these environments target to attacks like hijacking, man-in-the-middle, denial of service, phishing, and others. The Autonomous Intrusion Response System implements innovative models of data analysis and context-aware recommendation systems to respond to attacks and self-healing. We introduce a proof-of-concept implementation and evaluate against datasets from experimentation scenarios based on public and private clouds. The results present significant improvement in response effectiveness and potential to scale to large environments.


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