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AutoMerge: A Framework for Map Assembling and Smoothing in City-scale Environments

by   Peng Yin, et al.

We present AutoMerge, a LiDAR data processing framework for assembling a large number of map segments into a complete map. Traditional large-scale map merging methods are fragile to incorrect data associations, and are primarily limited to working only offline. AutoMerge utilizes multi-perspective fusion and adaptive loop closure detection for accurate data associations, and it uses incremental merging to assemble large maps from individual trajectory segments given in random order and with no initial estimations. Furthermore, after assembling the segments, AutoMerge performs fine matching and pose-graph optimization to globally smooth the merged map. We demonstrate AutoMerge on both city-scale merging (120km) and campus-scale repeated merging (4.5km x 8). The experiments show that AutoMerge (i) surpasses the second- and third- best methods by 14 mapping accuracy for 120 km large-scale map assembly, (iii) and it is robust to temporally-spaced revisits. To the best of our knowledge, AutoMerge is the first mapping approach that can merge hundreds of kilometers of individual segments without the aid of GPS.


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