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Automating GPU Scalability for Complex Scientific Models: Phonon Boltzman Transport Equation

by   Eric Heisler, et al.

Heterogeneous computing environments combining CPU and GPU resources provide a great boost to large-scale scientific computing applications. Code generation utilities that partition the work into CPU and GPU tasks while considering data movement costs allow researchers to more quickly and easily develop high-performance solutions, and make these resources accessible to a larger user base. We present developments for a domain-specific language (DSL) and code generation framework for solving partial differential equations (PDEs). These enhancements facilitate GPU-accelerated solution of the Boltzmann transport equation (BTE) for phonons, which is the governing equation for simulating thermal transport in semiconductor materials at sub-micron scales. The solution of the BTE involves thousands of coupled PDEs as well as complicated boundary conditions and nonlinear processing at each time step. These developments enable the DSL to generate configurable hybrid GPU/CPU code that couples accelerated kernels with user-defined code. We observed performance improvements of around 18X compared to a CPU-only version produced by this same DSL with minimal additional programming effort.


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