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Automatic Standardization of Colloquial Persian

by   Mohammad Sadegh Rasooli, et al.

The Iranian Persian language has two varieties: standard and colloquial. Most natural language processing tools for Persian assume that the text is in standard form: this assumption is wrong in many real applications especially web content. This paper describes a simple and effective standardization approach based on sequence-to-sequence translation. We design an algorithm for generating artificial parallel colloquial-to-standard data for learning a sequence-to-sequence model. Moreover, we annotate a publicly available evaluation data consisting of 1912 sentences from a diverse set of domains. Our intrinsic evaluation shows a higher BLEU score of 62.8 versus 61.7 compared to an off-the-shelf rule-based standardization model in which the original text has a BLEU score of 46.4. We also show that our model improves English-to-Persian machine translation in scenarios for which the training data is from colloquial Persian with 1.4 absolute BLEU score difference in the development data, and 0.8 in the test data.


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