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Automatic Posture and Movement Tracking of Infants with Wearable Movement Sensors

by   Manu Airaksinen, et al.

Infant's spontaneous movements mirror integrity of brain networks, and thus also predict the future development of higher cognitive functions. Early recognition of infants with compromised motor development holds promise for guiding early therapies to improve lifelong neurocognitive outcomes. It has been challenging, however, to assess motor performance in ways that are objective and quantitative. Novel wearable technology has shown promise for offering efficient, scalable and automated methods in movement assessment. Here, we describe the development of an infant wearable, a multi-sensor smart jumpsuit that allows mobile data collection during independent movements. A deep learning algorithm, based on convolutional neural networks (CNNs), was then trained using multiple human annotations that incorporate the substantial inherent ambiguity in movement classifications. We also quantify the substantial ambiguity of a human observer, allowing its transfer to improving the automated classifier. Comparison of different sensor configurations and classifier designs shows that four-limb recording and end-to-end CNN classifier architecture allows the best movement classification. Our results show that quantitative tracking of independent movement activities is possible with a human equivalent accuracy, i.e. it meets the human inter-rater agreement levels in infant posture and movement classification.


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