Automatic Diagnosis of COVID-19 from CT Images using CycleGAN and Transfer Learning

04/24/2021 ∙ by Navid Ghassemi, et al. ∙ 16

The outbreak of the corona virus disease (COVID-19) has changed the lives of most people on Earth. Given the high prevalence of this disease, its correct diagnosis in order to quarantine patients is of the utmost importance in steps of fighting this pandemic. Among the various modalities used for diagnosis, medical imaging, especially computed tomography (CT) imaging, has been the focus of many previous studies due to its accuracy and availability. In addition, automation of diagnostic methods can be of great help to physicians. In this paper, a method based on pre-trained deep neural networks is presented, which, by taking advantage of a cyclic generative adversarial net (CycleGAN) model for data augmentation, has reached state-of-the-art performance for the task at hand, i.e., 99.60 dataset containing 3163 images from 189 patients has been collected and labeled by physicians. Unlike prior datasets, normal data have been collected from people suspected of having COVID-19 disease and not from data from other diseases, and this database is made available publicly.



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