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Automatic Detection of Entity-Manipulated Text using Factual Knowledge

by   Ganesh Jawahar, et al.

In this work, we focus on the problem of distinguishing a human written news article from a news article that is created by manipulating entities in a human written news article (e.g., replacing entities with factually incorrect entities). Such manipulated articles can mislead the reader by posing as a human written news article. We propose a neural network based detector that detects manipulated news articles by reasoning about the facts mentioned in the article. Our proposed detector exploits factual knowledge via graph convolutional neural network along with the textual information in the news article. We also create challenging datasets for this task by considering various strategies to generate the new replacement entity (e.g., entity generation from GPT-2). In all the settings, our proposed model either matches or outperforms the state-of-the-art detector in terms of accuracy. Our code and data are available at


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