Automatic COVID-19 disease diagnosis using 1D convolutional neural network and augmentation with human respiratory sound based on parameters: cough, breath, and voice

by   Kranthi Kumar Lella, et al.

The issue in respiratory sound classification has attained good attention from the clinical scientists and medical researcher's group in the last year to diagnosing COVID-19 disease. To date, various models of Artificial Intelligence (AI) entered into the real-world to detect the COVID-19 disease from human-generated sounds such as voice/speech, cough, and breath. The Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) model is implemented for solving a lot of real-world problems on machines based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this context, one dimension (1D) CNN is suggested and implemented to diagnose respiratory diseases of COVID-19 from human respiratory sounds such as a voice, cough, and breath. An augmentation-based mechanism is applied to improve the preprocessing performance of the COVID-19 sounds dataset and to automate COVID-19 disease diagnosis using the 1D convolutional network. Furthermore, a DDAE (Data De-noising Auto Encoder) technique is used to generate deep sound features such as the input function to the 1D CNN instead of adopting the standard input of MFCC (Mel-frequency cepstral coefficient), and it is performed better accuracy and performance than previous models.


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