Automated segmentation and morphological characterization of placental histology images based on a single labeled image

by   Arash Rabbani, et al.

In this study, a novel method of data augmentation has been presented for the segmentation of placental histological images when the labeled data are scarce. This method generates new realizations of the placenta intervillous morphology while maintaining the general textures and orientations. As a result, a diversified artificial dataset of images is generated that can be used for training deep learning segmentation models. We have observed that on average the presented method of data augmentation led to a 42 cross-entropy loss of the validation dataset compared to the common approach in the literature. Additionally, the morphology of the intervillous space is studied under the effect of the proposed image reconstruction technique, and the diversity of the artificially generated population is quantified. Due to the high resemblance of the generated images to the real ones, the applications of the proposed method may not be limited to placental histological images, and it is recommended that other types of tissues be investigated in future studies.


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