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Automated Reasoning in Temporal DL-Lite

by   Sabiha Tahrat, et al.

This paper investigates the feasibility of automated reasoning over temporal DL-Lite (TDL-Lite) knowledge bases (KBs). We test the usage of off-the-shelf LTL reasoners to check satisfiability of TDL-Lite KBs. In particular, we test the robustness and the scalability of reasoners when dealing with TDL-Lite TBoxes paired with a temporal ABox. We conduct various experiments to analyse the performance of different reasoners by randomly generating TDL-Lite KBs and then measuring the running time and the size of the translations. Furthermore, in an effort to make the usage of TDL-Lite KBs a reality, we present a fully fledged tool with a graphical interface to design them. Our interface is based on conceptual modelling principles and it is integrated with our translation tool and a temporal reasoner.


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