Automated Formal Synthesis of Lyapunov Neural Networks

by   Alessandro Abate, et al.

We propose an automated and sound technique to synthesize provably correct Lyapunov functions. We exploit a counterexample-guided approach composed of two parts: a learner provides candidate Lyapunov functions, and a verifier either guarantees the correctness of the candidate or offers counterexamples, which are used incrementally to further guide the synthesis of Lyapunov functions. Whilst the verifier employs a formal SMT solver, thus ensuring the overall soundness of the procedure, a neural network is used to learn and synthesize candidates over a domain of interest. Our approach flexibly supports neural networks of arbitrary size and depth, thus displaying interesting learning capabilities. In particular, we test our methodology over non-linear models that do not admit global polynomial Lyapunov functions, and compare the results against a cognate δ-complete approach, and against an approach based on convex (SOS) optimization. The proposed technique outperforms these alternatives, synthesizing Lyapunov functions faster and over wider spatial domains.



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