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Automated Evaluation of Out-of-Context Errors

by   Patrick Huber, et al.

We present a new approach to evaluate computational models for the task of text understanding by the means of out-of-context error detection. Through the novel design of our automated modification process, existing large-scale data sources can be adopted for a vast number of text understanding tasks. The data is thereby altered on a semantic level, allowing models to be tested against a challenging set of modified text passages that require to comprise a broader narrative discourse. Our newly introduced task targets actual real-world problems of transcription and translation systems by inserting authentic out-of-context errors. The automated modification process is applied to the 2016 TEDTalk corpus. Entirely automating the process allows the adoption of complete datasets at low cost, facilitating supervised learning procedures and deeper networks to be trained and tested. To evaluate the quality of the modification algorithm a language model and a supervised binary classification model are trained and tested on the altered dataset. A human baseline evaluation is examined to compare the results with human performance. The outcome of the evaluation task indicates the difficulty to detect semantic errors for machine-learning algorithms and humans, showing that the errors cannot be identified when limited to a single sentence.


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