Automated Attack and Defense Framework for 5G Security on Physical and Logical Layers

by   Zhihong Tian, et al.

The 5th generation (5G) network adopts a great number of revolutionary technologies to fulfill continuously increasing requirements of a variety of applications, including ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, ultra-massive device access, ultra-reliability, and so on. Correspondingly, traditional security focuses on the core network, and the logical (non-physical) layer is no longer suitable for the 5G network. 5G security presents a tendency to extend from the network center to the network edge and from the logical layer to the physical layer. The physical layer security is also an essential part of 5G security. However, the security of each layer in 5G is mostly studied separately, which causes a lack of comprehensive analysis for security issues across layers. Meanwhile, potential security threats are lack of automated solutions. This article explores the 5G security by combining the physical layer and the logical layer from the perspective of automated attack and defense, and dedicate to provide automated solution framework for 5G security.



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