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Automated 5-year Mortality Prediction using Deep Learning and Radiomics Features from Chest Computed Tomography

by   Gustavo Carneiro, et al.

We propose new methods for the prediction of 5-year mortality in elderly individuals using chest computed tomography (CT). The methods consist of a classifier that performs this prediction using a set of features extracted from the CT image and segmentation maps of multiple anatomic structures. We explore two approaches: 1) a unified framework based on deep learning, where features and classifier are automatically learned in a single optimisation process; and 2) a multi-stage framework based on the design and selection/extraction of hand-crafted radiomics features, followed by the classifier learning process. Experimental results, based on a dataset of 48 annotated chest CTs, show that the deep learning model produces a mean 5-year mortality prediction accuracy of 68.5 (depending on the feature selection/extraction method and classifier). The successful development of the proposed models has the potential to make a profound impact in preventive and personalised healthcare.


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